Cabal Games

We've been designing games together for nearly a decade now, just a bunch of amateurs eating tortilla chips and putting together a roleplaying game best suited for goofing off. Some five years ago, we decided to try and put it in a book, at the encouragement of a friend, and run demos at a small convention out in St. Albert. While that version of the game was incomplete, we knew we were going to make another run at it someday, with better infrastructure, more experience, and more promotions.

Years later, here we are, a team forged in fun, ready to do business!

Cat McDonald - The Witch Queen

CBG's writer, editor, and publisher, Cat has been with us since the entire project was a fun little highschool homebrew. Obsessed with games and how they work, she's pushed us to compile the rules, think about templating, and brainstorm promotional materials when we thought we were just going to play Silent Hill. A fiction editor and designer at On Spec Magazine, and a layout artist for Savage Mojo, she's studied under some of the city's greatest minds to prepare for our debut launch. She's published fiction in Tesseracts 15 and Here Be Monsters: Tongues and Teeth, and regularly prints editorials in On Spec.

During the rare times she's not designing games or thinking about games, she's an avid reader of history and tarot cards. Anything you see in one of our games with an obvious occult root is entirely her fault. She has a lot of credentials, including President of the Big Lake Environmental Support Society and Certified Wilton Cake Decorator. She's just bursting with assorted credentials.

Dustin Friesenhan - The Mad Doctor

A pro in going back and forth between whether or not a 2 should be a 3 or vice versa, Dustin's major job at Cabal games is to drive Cat insane ("You are so good at your job" - Cat McDonald) and sometimes work with numbers, mechanics and balancing. Spending most of his time playing games into the ground, he's starting to notice how mechanics work together and spends a good amount of time trying to make sure everything works as it is supposed to across the many iterations of the game prior to the debut launch.

Currently working as an electrician, he spends much of his time playing games and watching movies, often at the same time, or hanging out in and learning about various sub-communities and oddball things about psychology and philosophy. Be forewarned, he knows many a thing, but not the definition of "TMI". Or "tl;dr", or "shut the hell up"!

Kersten Hegberg - Dame Disaster

A master of the ancient art of fun, Kersten is a creature out of time. Surrounded at all times by neon colors and old movie posters, she has spent most of her life regretting the end of the 1980s. Currently working as a toy peddler, her experience in childcare and in being a child has made her an expert funhaver. If Kersten gets her way, our next project will be an RPG revolving entirely about racecars, possibly in the future and also in space. We will probably do this, because Kersten knows fun like most people know breathing.

Kersten's hobbies include music, camping, cartoons, and cute videos of cats on the internet. She drives the rest of us crazy with a series of terrible ringtones.

Shawn Hardern - The Reality Breaker

Shawn is one of the best playtesters ever to walk the earth. Were there a playtest hall of fame, he would have a wax statue featuring it in prominently, and if they gave out playtesting medals he would be the shiniest man alive.

Consumed by a desire to ruin everything he gets his hands on, Shawn has been the ruin of almost all of Mod's original mechanics. He will stop at nothing to gain his characters a slight edge, or many slight edges stacked on top of each other. Before joining up with us back in high school, Shawn was a GMs worst nightmare, spending hours at home carefully crafting his character sheets. When he was asked to test the original prototype, he lost no time in necessitating a complete overhaul of the magic system. Currently employed as an electrician, Shawn spends his free time doing whatever he wants, and you can't stop him.