So Below

They introduced themselves to us when the Wellsprings opened up. The Gidim. Harbingers of a new world, psychic symbionts stowed away in the corners of human minds, they woke up and started to act. They whisper to us like delusions of grandeur, but in the wake of the Wellsprings, we need them.

In exchange for co-operating with their missions, they grant us incredible power. Magic spells and psychic abilities, power beyond what any human could have had five years ago, just when the world needs it most. A friendly voice when five years of strife have left millions impoverished and desperate.

Some people try to live the same lives they lived before the chaos, going to work with a daemon in their minds. Some people try to make use of their newfound abilities, for good or for evil, and leave their mark on a still-soft society. A few people drop everything they were to follow the wishes of their daemons, abandoning the old ways for a newfound world of magic and disaster. No matter what the scale of the tragedy, though, people around the world are going to keep on living, even if it takes a literal deal with a devil.