Hypothetical FAQ

Wait... Hypothetical FAQ?

That's right, we here at Cabal Games aren't going to lie to you fine folks. I mean, how could we have an FAQ when the site just came online and nobody having contacted us yet?


Using our hyperbrains we are able to figure out what questions you already had when you hit this link** and are not at all simply posting information we would like to share that doesn't quite fit nicely anywhere else on the site while we wait for actual questions to come in.*** So without further ado, the questions you were about to ask us anyways!****

*No we cannot
**This is a lie
***Do not believe this

What is City Limits?

City Limits is the setting we've made for the debut launch of our universal system, Mod. It's an urban fantasy game in two parts: As Above, a game of espionage and tactics in the high levels of the military, and So Below, and urban horror game on the streets of the same world.

Reagents? Daemons? Which story is true?

Well, neither. This is a work of fiction and any similarities between it and real people or events are purely coincidental.

Why two books?

We wanted to show how different one world can be from two different perspectives. Not only that, but we wanted to pit our Kickstarter backers against each other to see who wins. (There will be prizes for the winning team)

What makes Mod so special?

Mod is a universal system built, unlike most universals, around very simple pieces. Instead of breaking it down halfway and filling the rest with spells, abilities, and weapons like other universals do, we break it down further and give the player the parts they need to build their own. Not only does this make the base game flexible and easy to modify, but it also means that players have complete control over their characters. No more compromise!

Will there ever be a Mod manual?

Yes! The Mod Basic Manual is in the works right now, and there's a chapter in the City Limits rules dedicated to stripping out the setting and using just the base ruleset. The Basic Manual is our next big project, because we want to make sure every mechanic is perfect, and that there are a lot of additional campaigns, sample characters, and setting ideas to help get new players started.