Of course we didn't do it alone! Here are some of the amazing folk who've helped us along the way.

  • Our amazing artist, Nick Acheff. Check him out on twitter @seriousinkman and talk to him about beards and wrestling.
  • Marc from BeardLogic, another magical bearded helper for getting us started with our website.
  • On Spec magazine, every single one of you guys, for support, for experience, and for ad space.
  • Our non-staff playtesters, including Kevin Dill, David Wilson, Eric Christensen, Adam Kirby, Vanessa Beckmann, Reise McManus, and James "Scrumples" Roberts. They're not only helpful, but they're also our friends. Even Scrumples.
  • Alex Polis, who started this ball rolling and will never be omitted from a credits page. We owe you, man.