Everything has changed

Five years ago, the vortexes broke out. Areas of the world – some as large as a small town –changed, no longer accepting the laws of the world as we know it. A harmless one, in Siberia, always has perfectly still air whatever the wind outside. One near Halifax is perpetually dark, and people who approach its center are plagued by grotesque visions. Around the same time, one in ten people reported hallucinations, usually auditory, that accompanied the breakout of unbelievable abilities. Asylums swelled with people who didn’t yet understand what they’d become, and doctors were at a loss to explain the symptoms.

The world stumbled, but it’s recovering. In many of the more dangerous vortexes, evacuations have been successful and perimeters have been safely established. Most of the people who began hearing things have settled into their new lives.

But it’s not over yet. Scientists are still completely in the dark about the vortexes, and the world’s laws and infrastructure don’t yet fully account for one in ten people possessing superhuman powers. Governments struggle to reclaim lost areas while participating in the biggest arms race since the Cold War. People on the street try to find their footing again, and feel safe in a world where there’s more than guns and knives at play now. Order is a fragile thing.

As Above

After the event which changed the world forever, government agencies worldwide seek to investigate and understand these new abilities manifested by millions around the globe. Can it be harnessed for the good of mankind? Is there a more imminent threat which humanity faces? Can these abilities be used as a weapon on the world stage? Delve into this world of investigation and espionage.

So Below

The day that the world changed. Beings referred to as Gidim granting people powers and trying to control their minds. Strange vortexes altering the world around you at random. A lack of information from a tight-lipped government as you try to go about your daily lives as best you can. How will you adapt to the changing world around you, or will you simply try to keep things as normal as possible?