As Above

At some point in the testing, just as the first operatives showed their first signs of stable Manifestation Control, the reagents leaked. The results were catastrophic; Rogue Reactions, entire areas rendered unstable by reagent contamination, and the appearance of MC-capable civilians without access to stabilization treatments. What was intended as a controlled experiment in personnel enhancement became a worldwide disaster and triggered five years of chaos.

The Rogue Reactions must be studied and, if possible, eliminated before the world can return to normal. The worst provide safe havens for terrorists and other criminals, and even the harmless ones have disrupted the world already. Manifestation Control needs to be analyzed with the primary goal of neutralizing unstable MC-capable civilians.

But there’s an arms race going on now. Nations around the world are trying to stabilize new forms of Manifestation Control first, and any given ability may be the key to winning a war that’s looming closer with every experiment. Overt hostilities and covert operations converge in a world that looks like it may never recover.