Mod available for free download!

Mod is our in-house game, a universal system that offers unbelievable flexibility with simple customization mechanics. There are no player classes, no spells, no combat abilities, and no alignments that you don't create yourself. By reducing these things to their simplest elements, we've created a streamlined, balanced modular system that works.

Currently available for download for free on our downloads page.

It's Happening!

The Kickstarter is live! Until September 4th, we'll be raising funds for the initial print run of both City Limits books! Come and check it out, if only to watch Dustin in a labcoat eating twinkies off Cat's good china.

Don't forget to keep an eye on this website, as well as Our Blog and Our Twitter Feed for up-to-the-minute information about the Kickstarter, the game, and the setting. We'll be posting mechanics and art during the campaign, and we're lucky enough to have some amazing fiction lined up for you too!


The Game

Mod is our in-house universal gaming system, the backbone of City Limits. We believe in boiling a game down to its smallest, most essential pieces and letting the players and GMs put those pieces together to make their own perfect game. Skill sets, combat techniques, even spells are completely up to you – the pieces are all there, so all you have to do is put them together. No more searching growing lists of clumsily-balanced spells, no more compromising on classes or character builds--it’s all yours from the bottom up.

Mod is easy to customize. The basic rules can be applied to urban horror, classic fantasy, science fiction, and anything in between. You don’t need to be an expert in game design to make an original ruleset and take players through your favourite book, your favourite show, or even your own world. Don’t let the details get between you and your inspiration.

City Limits

City Limits is our breakout setting, a two-book set about a world where the sudden emergence of magic has changed our world forever.

In "As Above", governments and militaries struggle to understand and control the new laws of physics, and agents use stabilized and modified powers as the newest weapons in a metaphysical arms race.

In "So Below", civilians find themselves sharing their minds with creatures called daemons, cobbled together from their own memories and ideas, capable of giving them great power in exchange for their help with the daemon's own missions. The apocalypse being averted doesn't mean living is easy.